I’m writting a letter to granpa, his adress is heaven above

It’s been 2 weeks  and 4 days since you left this earth, earth is still blue but it’s getting a little darker.. .

– I still remember when i was just a kid  u were making me watch the news with you, i hated it, but as years go by, i became a women and i assumed the mission to explain it to you, u became old and u couldn’t understand most of it.

– I still remember the many times you used to tell me “ don’t let the girl next to you copy ur homework, hide your papers, they should do the same” the thing u didn’t know is that sometimes i was copying my friend’s homework 😉

– I still smile remembering ur voice saying “ too spend too much time on that tv with buttons” (The computer) :p

– I will never forget your words telling me “if u want me to be happy, study hard, be a strong woman, i want to be proud of u”.

– “Don’t trust people until u try them, if they let you down then walk away, and if they don’t then congratulations and work hard to protect your friendship” Yes, this is what i do. 

– “When u travel, divide your money in different pockets, so that the thief wont be able to totally wipe you out”. 

– I still can’t watch the same tv shows we used to watch when u were with us, i know u liked the WWE and that John Cena moves. 

– I regret all the things i didn’t say when u were still here, but i’m telling you i love you to the moon and back.

– I regret not spending enough time with you n your last days, the days i never thought they were going to be “The End”, but the heart attack did its work so  damn “fast&furious”.

– I regret not having the chance to thank you for all the beautiful things u did to me, for the love, for the support, for the protection. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– I’ll pick up all the pieces to become the person you always wanted me to be.

– Thank you for everything i will never forget you, thanks for being my granpa, my father, my brother, my protector and my everything. I’m grateful.

I’ve written  “Dear ‘granpa’, we miss you…And wish you were with us to love”



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