Month: April 2015

If You Want to Have a Balanced Position on the Gaza Conflict, Don’t Support Israel

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Be Young & Shut Up

So you ignored the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza for the past couple years and now suddenly you have to present a reasonable opinion on the current ground operation? We are here to help.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is strange. While so many people try to be “balanced,” say that both sides are in the wrong, that Israel has the right to defend itself, the situation is easily read the same as any oppressor-oppressed relationship. This dynamic of discrimination, dehumanization, and violence is something many people are practiced at recognizing, but for some reason, this is much more difficult when we talk about Israel. When we talk about Israel, it’s totally impossible, too labyrinthine, something people would rather stay out of and not drive themselves crazy dissecting. Look, it is a complicated situation. Let no one say it isn’t. But there are inescapable truths in play that make “it’s complicated” a staggeringly false…

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