Al -Aqsa belongs to them, they are strong and they are bastards

Yes, we’re here, the view is great, we are strong, we have have weapons, the whole world is under our feet, we are Zionist and we won’t let you entre the Al- Aqsa Mosque, it’s our now. Look at us we are striking a pose! One shot, two shots,dare and you’ll be dead !!

Palestine in my heart


Mezquita Al-Aqsa



Pull the trigger, I’m just a kid

Photo of the day? shame of the day, i rather call it.

This photo was posted by a zionist soldier that goes by the name of Mor Ostrovski on his Instagram account soldier presuming of his prepotency and ironically his cowardice.

Pointing his rifle to the back of a palestinian kid, spontaneously.

What message is he trying to send? is he trying to make Ayelet Shaked be proud of her kids? ¿ is he trying to tell the world that he’s ready to make this 5th kid join the other 4 ones?

Israeli soldier rifle